Expat ROI Calculator

“How to get what you pay for, vs. paying for what you get.” 

The Costs of A Failed or Compromised Expat Assignment

Our calculator is based on averaging over 15 years of studies of expat assignment costs and failure. It calculates the cost of an expat assignment, the costs of failed, compromised and impaired assignments, and the ROI in mBARC’s readiness support. The calculator conservatively assumes a 7% failure rate, out of which 67% fail due to family-related issues.  (A compromised assignment is where the assignee is performing sub-optimally due to adjustment issues; an impaired assignment is where the assignee regularly spends a portion of the work week on non work-related issues).   

 In addition to costs, a failed or compromised assignment can also result in lost business opportunities that can’t be easily made up, and relationships with local businesses and government that can’t easily be repaired. Moreover, an employee returning from an assignment – even a successful one – often leaves the company within a year of returning.  

It is important to note that the calculator estimates the return on investment in mBARC’s readiness support, not on the return on a company’s expatriate workforce as a whole, which is more a measure of business outcomes (increased sales and other related metrics).

This ROI Calculator was developed by Dr. Neill Carson, the architect of the IAP.  Begin by entering the number of expats, then when you scroll down, enter the cost for the mBARC program you are interested in (we will provide you with a quote upon consultation). 

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