Duty of Care for Managers

Today, businesses operate in an increasingly interconnected world and with the global nature of operations and supply-chains, employees frequently need to travel internationally on business. Despite volatile global markets and growing security issues,  PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted that by 2020, there  will be a 50-percent growth in cross-border assignments, making DOC an increasingly critical risk management tool, providing organizations with practical guidelines to assure the success of their overseas workforce.

Duty of Care is an increasingly important consideration for anyone involved in Travel and Operational Risk Management. Determining precisely which persons or entities have a Duty of Care; what constitutes a discharge of this duty; and what the legal liabilities are with regard to Duty of Care, requires a careful assessment of an organization’s entire operations. An employer can be deemed to have breached duty of care by failing to do everything reasonable and necessary to keep employees safe from harm. (Mental wellbeing is now included with physical safety and wellbeing.) The mBARC DOC program includes the following: 


  • Manager training on responsibilities and potential exposure.  Employee training to understand and prepare for the levels of risk and danger at given world locations (either a self-driven or coach-supported version of the mBARC readiness assessments and training).
  • Orientation and guidance to effectively alert employees, families, and others as to the region(s) they’ll visit or live in, covering laws and areas of concern, cultural heritage and expectations, service offerings and the level of services to expect, and how to best prepare for and overcome any potential shortcomings; (this will also be based on several of our standard readiness assessments/training).
  • Documents completion of training and provides a method for measuring training effectiveness.



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Duty of Care: How Prepared are Expats for Global Assignments?

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