The International Assignment Profile™

The IAP is the only instrument available that gives you a detailed list of exactly what issues need to be resolved and what planning needs to be done to ensure the success of the assignment.

An expert system guides the employee and family through a comprehensive interview,  gathering information ranging from security concerns to medical conditions to spousal employment – any factor that could detract from the success of the assignment if ignored. The IAP also evaluates important personality factors associated with adjustment to international living.

The employee and family data is analyzed and compared to current information from the anticipated location to produce a focused, individualized planning report.

  • The IAP increases the business and human success of international assignments by pinpointing key issues and weak links while there is still time to plan and prevent problems.
  • Uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence methods to gather, analyze, and present information that is accurate and timely.
  • The only instrument to match the employee and family to the specific location they will be assigned.
  • It’s extremely fast, efficient, and cost effective compared either to the cost of a compromised or failed assignment or to other evaluation.
  • Faster adjustment to international locations.
  • It’s easily customized to fit a client’s needs and assignment processes.
  • Dedicated Navigators evaluate results and provide one-on-one consultation – providing each employee and his/her family with a road map for a successful assignment. 

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