Welcome to mBARC’s COVID-19 support page, providing tools, expertise and guidance to help organizations navigate an entirely new category of critical incident – one that will continue indefinitely, bringing with it unprecedented levels of uncertainty, anxiety and disruption.  

We’ve made available a chatbot to answer all your COVID-related questions and the following topical webcasts coordinated and lead by mBARC, in association with HR.com. Click to access free-of-charge


•  Keep Calm and Carry On: A New Crisis Response “Playbook” for Managing the Human and Business Impacts of COVID-19 (with Jeff Gorter, VP of Crisis Response Services with R3C and David Levine, Principal of Global Care Experts)  


Inoculating Your HR Policy (with Deirdre Macbeth, Esq. Content Director for WorldatWork and Jon Hyman, Partner in the Labor & Employment Group at Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis)


HR@Home: Living with and after the Coronavirus: Policy and IT Perspectives on Telework (with Net at Work’s Harold G Ford, Consulting Manager, and Ralph Serzo, Customer Service Focused IT Leader, Security, Automation, Cloud & Technology Support Services) 


Executive Coping Strategies: Leadership in the time of Coronavirus (with Executive Coach Jordan Goldrich and Kimberley Tobin, CEO and President of Contractors Prevailing Wage)


mBARC offers programs to support your domestic and international workforce  – from teleworkers to a “shelter in country” program for expats living and working all over the world. Components include:


• Professional education, guidance and referral services via a 24/7 support desk

• Coordinating and leading webcasts and podcasts to ensure continuous, clear and efficient communications across the organization (which can also connect expats with their colleagues back home) 

• Up-to-date information and support on all matters relating to COVID-19 (supported by mBARC’s team of leading infectious disease experts)

• Structured assessments to discretely determine needs and issues

• Resiliency tools


Uncertainty breeds anxiety, which can breed panic, which can breed foolish and unhelpful behavior.”

Dr. Charles Ericsson, leading authority on infectious diseases and mBARC advisor

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