How Successful People Get Even Better

A By-Invitation-Only Free Introductory Workshop on a New Leadership Paradigm

March 31st, 10:30-12 EST

To succeed in the post-pandemic era, even the most effective leaders need new skills to successfully manage a business landscape and workforce that is undergoing rapid change

If you’re reading this, you’re among an elite group of successful leaders who have been invited to participate in our upcoming workshop lead by Master Corporate Executive Coach Jordan Goldrich and top leadership consultant Gary Denham, a former Navy Seal. The workshop will introduce you to the Navy SEALs Ethos, the “Workplace Warrior Self-Assessment” and to a simple, 5-step methodology called Stakeholder Centered Coaching (SCC). SCC is based on the principles and practices of Marshall Goldsmith, a world-renowned authority on helping successful leaders get even better – by achieving positive, lasting change in behavior for themselves and their people.

Participants will learn:

1) How successful people get even better

2) How to determine what goal, if any, to work on

3) What is necessary to produce lasting behavior change for themselves and the people they lead.

4) The key elements of compassionate leadership based on the Navy SEALs ethos.

5) How to apply the SCC methodology on their own or with an executive coach.


The Team

Jordan Goldrich is a successful Chief Operations Officer, a Member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, a Master Corporate Executive Coach, and a Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach. His understanding of leadership is shaped by his experience helping transitioning Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders and other special operations personnel participating in the transition program of The Honor Foundation ( He is co-author of the Amazon best seller, “Workplace Warrior: People Skills for The No-Bullshit Executive. He is the producer and host of the podcast, “Workplace Warrior, Drive Results Without Damaging Relationships® and founder and CEO of the consulting firm Workplace Warrior, Inc.


Gary Denham is a 20-year veteran of the US Navy SEAL Team. Gary personally oversaw the initial instruction, qualification and continued training of all SEAL and Special Warfare Combat Craft Crewmen (SWCC) instructors. Through both direct instruction and training-the-trainers, he worked with the US Naval Academy and other elite military training programs. American military and civilian dignitaries and foreign heads of states regularly observed his programs, and Gary’s work has become the basis for similar training for elite special operations forces around the world. He began his Special Operations career with SEAL Team-5 and in 1990 joined Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) serving for 10 ½ years. As the owner of Gary Denham Consulting, he has taught the nation’s most elite how to be better communicators, leaders, public speakers, mentors, coaches, and parents – ranging from military Special Operators, professional baseball, and football organizations to members of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). 

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Workplace Warrior enables you to become a better leader by measuring yourself against the greatest warriors on the planet: the Navy SEALs, the Green Berets, and the rest of the special operations community.