Assuring the Safety and Success of Your Expat Workforce – Anywhere in the World

Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and International Assignment Expertise

When a mining or energy industry assignment fails dramatically, it can end up on the front pages of business publications. Most assignments don’t completely fail, but they can fail to meet expectations. And when that happens, it can exact a steep price – from hard costs to opportunity costs to the loss of top talent.   

mBARC combines cutting-edge technology (the International Assignment Profile or IAP),  and a vast pool of data and international assignment experience to assist with evaluating, preparing, and supporting an employee (and his/her family) on international assignment.   

mBARC increases the ability to predict key issues before departure, allowing employees, their families and support personnel to anticipate situations and develop plans of action or problem prevention. mBARC uses artificial intelligence (AI) and operates synergistically with our “Navigators” to deliver solutions that are timely, effective, and cost conscious. Online interviews ask  questions and gather data about individual/family needs, preferences and expectations on everything that could have a bearing on an assignment.    

The responses are compared to other expats on dimensions such as tolerance, flexibility, stress, coping mechanisms, and virtually any dimension related to adjustment to international assignments. Once obtained, this information is analyzed in relation to the specific conditions in the anticipated destination. Traits that will help them adapt are noted, as well as styles and characteristics that may cause difficulty. Pattern matching technology screens for patterns of failed or compromised assignments, or for patterns associated with unusual stress, anxiety, or personal problems.

Each employee and his/her family then consults with an mBARC Navigator to review the data, and to discuss what types of plans and adjustments need to be made. The customized reports, unique to the family and the location, make preparation specific and tangible.

As one HR professional put it, “You spend your time solving problems, not discovering them.” 

The goal is to increase the business success of the assignment. mBARC supports employees and their families, and gives managers the assurance that the “assets” they’re sending around the world are prepared, focused and primed for success.


Duty of Care for Managers:  DOC is an increasingly important consideration for anyone involved in Travel and Operational Risk Management. mBARC offers manager training on responsibilities and potential exposure. 


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Sample IAP Report

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