Onboard, Assess, Prepare

Pre-Departure Preparation

Our proprietary location-specific pre-departure assessment (the International Assignment Profile or IAP) leverages AI in assessing risk factors. Our coaches (“Navigators”) provide mentoring and readiness training. This phase includes a Duty of Care program developed in concert with the leading authority in the field to prepare managers with the information and support they need to assure safe assignments.


mBARC can support an expat and his/her family, an executive on a short term assignment, someone coming from outside the country to work here, or someone moving from one US city to another. All are major transitions with many unseen events, situations and challenges. The first step is to pair the employee with the appropriate Navigator (based on regional experience and other parameters per the assignee and assignment). The next step is to arrange for our proprietary IAP Assessment.

Pre-Departure “Readiness” Assessments

The IAP uses AI to compare the assignee and his/her family to a large (over 2000) sample of actual expats and their families, discerning how they are like other expats and how they are different. This allows for a general comparison and understanding of basic individual and family needs regardless of the location. It identifies areas that are likely to cause assignment stresses, compromises, and even failures. It also generates profiles of risk awareness based on the known risks and threats associated with each region.




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Coming Soon: a version of the IAP for mobile workers moving from one US city to another – even those transitioning from the main office to the home office, as this becomes an ever bigger trend among companies of all sizes.



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Ensuring Assignment Success:  Employee Readiness, Preparation and Support

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