mBARC, the “Globility Company,” Officially Launches

mBARC to provide expertise, guidance and readiness tools for safe and successful business assignments anywhere in the world


BOCA RATON, FL – February 5, 2020 – Today marks the official launch of mBARC, a “globility” platform providing comprehensive, personalized, destination-specific support to assure safe and successful business assignments anywhere in the world. mBARC covers all phases of the expatriate journey, beginning with an AI-driven assessment that gauges adaptability to the host country/region, cultural competence and situational/risk awareness. Each expat and his/her family is paired with a dedicated “Navigator” – a coach with deep and broad regional expertise, to help prepare and provide support for the life of the assignment. mBARC also provides managers with Duty of Care training on their responsibilities and role in assuring their employees’ safety when sent to given world locations.

mBARC was developed in consultation with a cross section of business leaders and experts in the fields of global security and workforce mobility, risk management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral science. The destination-specific assessment and preparation instrument, called the International Assignment Profile, has been used by hundreds of expats and their families in identifying assignment “risk” and preparing them for successful overseas assignments. mBARC’s Navigators are credentialed counselors and coaches who have lived and worked in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. They provide mentoring during the pre-departure phase, in-country guidance, ongoing engagement, and critical incident support.

“Employees on an overseas assignment of any duration have a much greater chance of success when they are resilient and engaged, have an understanding of the culture plus support for their spouse and/or family, a clear-eyed view of the threats and risks associated with their location, and are trained in security protocols and crisis management/response,” said Ken Burgess, mBARC co-founder. “Our AI-driven assessment and readiness instrument and the expertise of our roster of top international coaches, enable us to assure successful business assignments and safeguard a company’s investment in their global workforce.”  


mBARC Addresses the Following Company Pain Points:

  • Failed assignments due to lack of preparation.
  • Need to manage increasing size and complexity of mobile workforce.
  • Management unaware of their DOC responsibilities.
  • Lack of In-country support.
  • Lack of engagement during assignment.
  • Successful assignment, failed transition back home.


“Expat failure rates among U.S. companies remain high, with costs of failed assignments running into the millions, largely due to poor preparation, lack of responsive in-country support, and unsuccessful repatriation – a largely unmet need that mBARC was formed to address,” said Charles Epstein, mBARC co-founder. “mBARC is essentially an extended warranty on an organization’s mobile workforce. We look forward to working with companies in safely and successfully extending their reach to all parts of the world and achieving their international business objectives.”

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