Successfully Returning Home

Successful Return

We make the re-entry (repatriation) process smooth and rewarding (23% percent of expats leave the company within one year of returning home). Our Repatriation Assessment alleviates the reverse culture shock many face upon their return and is structured to add to a company’s investment in each returning employee. It increases understanding of the challenges of each location, and smooths the path for other high-value employees assigned there.

Navigating the Return Home

Repatriation Assessment and Consultation to ensure a successful transition back home and alleviate the reverse culture shock many face upon their return. When the assignees accepted the assignment, he/she knew they’d be working in a foreign country with all the inherent cultural challenges. They had to make new friends, learn your way around, and make a life, often without speaking the local language. They anticipated the challenge, expected to feel excited and uneasy when you first arrived, and realized there would be lots of adjustments to make at work and in everyday life. They think that returning home will be easy, especially if you are returning to the same city and work site. But while they were gone, they changed, and “home” changed, too, introducing a host of stressors and concerns. 

The mBARC Repatriation Assessment addresses:

  • Initial excitement and relief
  • Mixed feelings—positive and negative
  • Boredom and feeling a let-down
  • Loneliness/Disillusionment
  • Feeling of being overwhelmed › Irritability and resentment
  • Feeling of being unappreciated when others aren’t interested in your experiences
  • Frustration with local practices
  • Possible Depression and anxiety


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The Art of Repatriation

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