Engaging Employees with Expat Assignments?


A recent survey commissioned by MetLife found that 67 percent of American employees are interested in taking an expatriate assignment through their employer—stints lasting three months or more in another country—indicating that American workers have a strong desire to travel abroad for work. However, with just 15 percent saying they have taken an expat assignment and 24 percent unsure whether their employer even offers them, employees are not finding expat opportunities or are unaware of how to take advantage of them.
71 percent of Gen Xers are interested in an expat experience, which is statistically equivalent to millennials (75 percent). Despite the clear interest among both generations, only 12 percent of Gen Xers have ever gone on an expat assignment, versus 19 percent of millennials. When asked what would motivate them to take an expat assignment, both groups indicated working abroad appeals to their desire for trying new things and sense of adventure.


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