Case Study: On Assignment in Jakarta, Indonesia

Destination: Indonesia

Assignment: 2 years in country.

Who: a couple in their late 40’s.

Background: Our evaluation found them prepared for the assignment, but it was discovered during the follow-up call that they had a daughter in college who was struggling with school and very upset about their imminent departure. 

Solution: The coach/mentor arranged a (telephonic) family meeting for a frank, if delicate discussion, about the daughter’s “separation” issues. In the course of the conversation the coach learned that an aunt/uncle lived only 60-miles from the daughter’s university. Another call was arranged involving the aunt/uncle. during which the daughter agreed to spend at least one weekend per-month with them at their home. Mom and dad were set up on Skype and spoke with the daughter weekly – mom almost daily. With guidance from the coach/mentor, Dad spoke with the company and was able to work out an agreement where mom was supported to return home quarterly (at least for their first year). This arrangement smoothed what would have been an otherwise difficult, if untenable family situation, and paved the way for a successful two year assignment in Indonesia. Moreover, after the first year, the daughter settled in, gained a greater sense of independence, and mom no longer needed to return for quarterly visits. 

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